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Teen Patti Live Mod Apk Download | Get Bonus ₹21 | ₹20/Per Refer

  • In addition to the Rs.20 sign-up incentive and the Rs.1 per day login bonus, Teen Patti Live is yet another loot app. Referral revenue, on the other hand, will be sent directly into your withdrawal funds. Your commissions from referrals are fully withdrawable.

What is teen patti live?

Online gambling with Teen Patti Live is a new way to win real money. Share your unique referral code for the Teen Patti Live app with your friends and get a financial reward for bringing in new users.

Launched in November 2021, Teen Patti Live Apk has been available for about 6 months and is still active, with both users and developers receiving payments. Users are unable to capture screenshots due to the system’s high level of security, reducing the likelihood of fraud to almost zero. Because it is sent directly into your winning pocket, the Referral Amount and all other bonuses you earn in the Teen Patti Live App are completely withdrawable at any time.

Teen Patti Available For Game

Using the Teen Patti Apk on your mobile phone, you may play a wide variety of online casino games and gambling games, like Dragon vs. Tiger, Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Rummy, 7 Up Down, Car Roulette, and many more, all from the comfort of your own home.

Review of teen patti live

Intelligent and useful, Teen Patti Live is a smartphone app that may be used to generate income. The more you play Live Teen Patti Apk, the better you’ll become at winning matches, and the more money you’ll be able to win. Although Teen Patti Live has been around since 2021, it continues to find satisfied consumers.

After downloading the 3 Patti Live Apk, you’ll get Rs.20 as a registration bonus that can be used to play games and earn real cash; if your winnings exceed the minimum withdraw value of Rs.200, you may withdraw the money in your bank account.

You may play more than 19 different card games on the Teen Patti Live app. Anyone can win at any of these games since none of them need actual skill.

Game Name : Teen Patti Live Apk
App Developer : TeenPatti Team
Game Size : 42 Mb
Game Version: Latest
Sign Up Bonus: R.s. 21/-
Teen Patti Gold Refer Code : *Your Referral Code here *
Refer and Earn Bonus : 1.5% (Game) + 5% (Deposit)
Download Teen Patti Live Apk Download App

How to get a registration bonus at teen patti live?

  • Download the Teen Patti Live app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Just download the app, then launch it.
  • Enter your phone number and click the Login option.
  • In order to proceed, an OTP must be used to verify your mobile phone number.
  • Select Day1+1 to get a daily login reward.
  • You will have Rs 16 in your wallet
  • Choose the “Refer & Earn” tab.
  • Click the Bind button after entering the Teen Patti Live referral code.

How to add cash on teen patti live?


  • Launch the Patti Live App
  • Select the Store button.
  • Select the amount you want to add, then click the Add Cash button.
  • Pick your preferred mode of payment and click the corresponding button.
  • Proceed with the purchase.
  • The amount you added to your wallet will be doubled when you return.
  • Indulge in a whopping one hundred percent cash rebate and use it to your advantage at the casino.

Cash withdrawal instructions

Withdrawals from the teen patti live apk must be made from a bank account or UPI, and a minimum of Rs.100 must be in your account before the transaction is processed.

  • Get the Teen Patti Live app
  • Select the Withdraw option.
  • Put in your UPI and bank information.
  • Pick a withdrawal method.
  • To make a withdrawal, click the corresponding number.
  • Finally, choose the Withdraw option.

Reffral Tricks for Teen patti live apk

If you’re having trouble understanding the Refer and Earn limitless technique, you can also check out some of the techniques-

  • Spread the word by sending a referral from your first mobile device to your friend’s second.
  • Repeatedly visit the app’s website by clicking the Referrer link.
  • The data on your mobile device should be turned off. Avoid having to download the app by going straight to the mobile homepage.
  • The Clear app may be accessed by entering a cell phone number at the login screen.
  • Creating fresh Facebook profiles with new email addresses allows you to gain reward repeatedly. The more people who know about it, the better.
  • The more Whatsapp groups you’re a part of, the more you can learn from and contribute to them.


Customer service

In the event that you encounter any difficulties when filling out the application, here is included a contact number below so you can get in touch with a customer service rep for live Teen Patti through phone, chat, or email.

  • Live Teen Patti Support Line: +62 895386840536
  • In an emergency, call the Teen Patti hotline at +62 895386843153.
  • The Whatsapp contact for Teenpatti live is: +62 895386840536.

Teen Patti Live Apk FAQ

Q.) Which is the best Teen Patti game?

A). Teen Patti Live is one of the most preferred and best games where you can redeem money instantly and gain through referrals too.

Q). Is there any dealer in Teen Patti App Live?

A). There is no concept of a dealer. The first-hand dealer is often chosen by players. Once the first hand becomes the dealer of the second, the winner of the second hand becomes the dealer of the third, and so on. 

Q). What is the minimum withdrawal of Teen Patti App Live Apps?

A). The minimum withdrawal of Teen Patti App Live is Rs. 100 and the maximum of Rs. 10,000. 

Q). How much bonus do you get by referral of each Teen Patti? 

A). The bonus for each referral we get is Rs. 21. 

Q). How many overall games are there in Teen Patti Live Apk?

A). There are about 13-15 online casino games available from which you could play and earn. 



Teen Patti is a game where you may earn hundreds of rupees (in terms of real money) every day. Get this app by downloading it and earn hundreds of rupees every day in the game for real.

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