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Teen Patti Royal Apk Download | Get Bonus ₹100 | ₹30/Per Refer

 It’s true that there are a plethora of internet moneymaking opportunities nowadays. Those who spend a lot of time playing video games online. And if you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash on the side, Teen Patti Royal is an excellent choice. You should read this whole post if you want to learn how to get a solid monthly income from playing online games. This post will provide you with all the knowledge you need to start making money with the Teen Patti Royal game. 

Most individuals nowadays have a strong preference for playing video games online. The main reason for this is the exponential rise in internet use that has occurred in India since the price of internet bandwidth has dropped. This is why there has been a shift away from offline games and toward their online counterparts. Now a day, the average person will spend four or five hours a day playing video games online.

What is teen Patti Royal? 

There are already a plethora of options for gamers looking to make some extra cash as they game online. The Online Teen Patti Royal site is a great resource for anybody looking to supplement their income with online gaming. In this post, we’ll explain all there is to know about the Teen Patti Royal card game. 

The online rummy game Teen Patti Royal has gained a large fanbase. The traditional method through which we humans enjoy playing card games in the real world. Thus, the Teen Patti royal game allows you to play the card game digitally. In addition to providing a fun way to pass the time, the game’s main draw is the potential for regular financial gain. 

Teen Patti Royal app has a wide variety of game modes to suit different preferences. In which focused effort will provide desirable financial results. One of the best things about playing Teen Patti Royal is how secure your deposits will be. Here, your earnings are deposited safely and securely to your bank account.

Game Name : Teen Patti Royal Apk
App Developer : TeenPatti Royal Team
Game Size : 42 Mb
Game Version: Latest
Sign Up Bonus: R.s. 51/-
Teen Patti Gold Refer Code : *Your Referral Code here *
Refer and Earn Bonus : 1.5% (Game) + 5% (Deposit)
Download Teen Patti Live Apk Download App

Where Can I Find the Apk File for Royal Teen Patti? 

Playing the Teen Patti royal game on your smartphone may be a fun way to pass the time and, if played strategically, can also be a lucrative way to make some extra cash. This section will instruct you on obtaining the Teen Patti Royal apk and installing it on your computer.

  •     The first step is to get the app onto your phone
  •     Locate the “Standalone Download Button,” then choose “OK” when prompted to install Teen Patti Royal on your mobile device.
  •     Launch the downloaded app and go to its settings by clicking “Open”
  •     Click “Allow” and then “Phone” to go back to the “Source” you just allowed.
  •     Start Playing After Clicking “Install.”

How to add money in Teen Patti Royal?

Add money to the Teen Patti royal game if you want to make money from it. Since putting money into the game increases your chances of winning that money. To play Teen Patti Royal, you just contribute money, which is a simple process. 

To purchase further rounds of Teen Patti Royal, click the “Add Money” button on the upper right of the screen. Here, you may fund your account using your UPI ID or Paytm. Players in the Teen Patti Royal Game may put in anywhere from 10 to 100,000 rupees. Additionally, there is a bonus for deposits above 1000.

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How to withdraw the money? 

  •     To begin, just access the program by clicking on its icon.
  •     Now on A green button that says “Refer a friend and get paid!”
  •     If you go to the Earn Money tab, you’ll see your own personal referral link.
  •     You may earn a 41 Rupee bonus in your game wallet by simply copying and sharing the referral links with your friends.
  • Your immediate bank account will be credited with the amount you withdrew.

In order to withdraw money from the Royal Teen Patti apk, please read the following instructions carefully- 

  •     Pick the Withdraw tab.
  •     The Withdrawal Form Can Be Found there
  •     Put in Your 3 Patti Royal Bank Account Number to Withdraw Funds.
  •     To initiate a transfer to your bank account, just input your bank’s Routing Number, Account Number, and IFSC Code.
  •     Alternatively, you may use your phone and services like Google Pay or Paytm to make a withdrawal.
  •     To make a withdrawal using UPI from Royal Teen Patti, enter your UPI credentials here.
  •     Input the desired withdrawal amount and proceed.

    You’ll be able to access the funds in your bank account within only 2 minutes.

F.A.Q of Teen Patti Royal Apk

Q). How much sign-up bonus do you earn in the Teen Patti Royal app?

A). The Sign-Up bonus is Rs. 52 which is a fair amount and additional you could gain through referral too.

Q). How to withdraw from Teen Patti Royal App?

A). In Teen Patti Apk you would see the withdrawal icon on the side of it, click on it and you would be able to redeem it.

Q). Which are the other games which we can play on Teen Patti Royal APK?

A). There are about 18+ games available on app.

Q). Are there any hidden charges or subscription fees?

A). There are no hidden charges or subscription fees on the App, you can play unlimited and refer friends.

Q). How much is the withdrawal fees in Teen Patti Royal APK?

A). There are no withdrawal fees on the app.


In this post, we’ve covered all you need to know to get started playing Teen Patti royal and making money from it. The Teen Patti royal game is one hundred percent trustworthy and risk-free.

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