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How To Download 3Pati Bindaas

So you have a beautiful deck of playing cards? Now, What to Play Next? Poker, Solitaire, Hearts, Blackjack, and Gin Rummy are some popular games of cards. But Teen Patti is the all-time favorite among everyone. Since our childhood playing with friends or watching TV, there is nothing more satisfying than a Teen Patti card game. The ancient and historical teen Patti is a game of strategy, skill, and mental strength. With time, a handful of card games have changed, time changed, and friends have distanced, but still, you could enjoy traditional games of playing cards with the Teen Patti App. 

Teen Patti App is amazing for anybody who loves playing cards with friends or family. Teen Patti game is not about how the cards you have been dealt with; it’s more about luck, strategy, and a combination of skills and knowledge. Together with all these skills, you have the opportunity to win and gain some cash. You don’t need to have a huge amount of capital; with the Teen Patti app, you can actually win and rotate your money to get more cash.

What is Teen Patti App?

Teen Patti, as the name says – three cards, is a popular Indian Gambling card game which is traditionally played with 3 or 6 persons with 52 card packs without jokers. Unlike rummy and poker, teen Patti starts with placing a minimal token amount. Usually, there is a fixed amount decided amongst people who are willing to bet. The same concept has been carried out in an application. The simple yet refreshing trading card genre at first might seem over-simplified, but chaining together clever combinations of cards and skills would give you a winning situation. 

The most desired and fascinating game allows a person to play teen Patti and earn money in the comfort of their home. You can play this game with friends or random opponents online. The app includes powerful features like multiplayer mode and allows players to invite their real-world friends. Users can earn through games and by inviting their friends through referrals. 

How to Gain Through Teen Patti Game?

Teen Patti Bindaas is a lucrative and earning app that can either be used for recreational purposes or your favorite pastime. When you sign up with the app, you gain ₹25 as your first token amount or welcome amount. Apart from this, you could earn a Monthly bonus, Weekly Bonus, and chances to earn money through referring to programs to your friends. If you want to know more about Teen Patti Games, Earnings, and Game Tricks and Tips, follow the articles till the end and gain the most from the app. 

Download Teen Patti Bindaas APK 

Application Name Teen Patti Bindaas
Apk Size: 41 Mb
Sign up Bonus Rs. 51
Refer and Earn 30% Commission + Weekly Bonus + ₹80-₹150
Minimum Withdrawal Amount Rs 100.
Teen Patti Bindaas Apk Download

Teen Patti bindaas is a great app, loved by most users. The app is not available on the play store or App store; you can download it easily from the link given below. PLEASE Attach the link here. You can enjoy the app and play the realistic best Rummy and Teen Patti Games and earn cash as you do in apps. 

Since the market is saturated with various Teen Patti apps that claim to be genuine and authentic enough to help you earn cash. But don’t fall into a trap! Instead, download Real Teen Patti APK, which offers you double the benefits of fun and earning. 

Teen Patti APK App 

Teen Patti App, Teen Patti APK can be easily downloaded and earn Rs 51 as a Registration bonus. Many apps claim that they provide you with a registration bonus, but Teen Patti APK stands out in its words. Once you register with your credentials and add a mobile number, you will receive Rs 51 as your first income on Teen Patti Bindaas App. 

How to Register Bonus and Claim ₹51 With App?

  1. Open the official site of Teen Patti Bindaas. 
  2. Click on the download button to download the app. 
  3. You have to install the app by opening it. 
  4. Once the installation is finished, you will be able to use it. 
  5. If you Login as a guest, Rs. 10 will be credited to your account. 
  6. Tap on the User icon, and you will find a bound button there, click on it. 
  7. Create your ID by entering your mobile number. 
  8. To complete the process, you would receive an OTP for verifications; enter it. 
  9. Once you have created an ID and Bound number, there will be an Extra Rs. 15 added to your account. 
  10. You would have Rs. 25 in your account, and you would be able to use it 100%.

How to Earn Money Through App?

Yes, You can Actually earn money through Teen Patti Bindaas App and transfer it directly into your bank account. This might seem unrealistic, but it is possible with Teen Patti Bindaas. 

1. Daily Login Bonus 

By paying your app visit daily, you could earn a bonus and even use it. It’s real! All you need is to daily Login into the app and earn a reward for your visit. 

2. Weekly Bonus 

You could also earn weekly bonuses. It’s like extra icing on the cake. However, this is relevant to the number of users you invite. The more you invite, the more they will play, and the more you will earn. 

3. Share, Refer and Earn 

You could earn 30% of your friends’ proportion every time they play a game. Along with it, you could redeem ₹80, ₹100, and ₹150, which is valid for the first three referrals. These referrals have to add ₹100 or more to their wallet. ₹150 for every friend who adds ₹1000 or more to their wallet. 

4. Play Games and Earn 

You could earn real cash and redeem it. Teen Patti Bindaas is all about skills and tactics. You could use your skills and earn a huge amount and even redeem it in your bank account. 

How to refer Teen Patti Bindaas? 

  1. Open the app 
  2. Go for referring and Earn 
  3. There would be a dedicated referral link that you can share with your friends. 
  4. Your friends would receive ₹42 when they register in the app.

Once your friends register, you will receive 30% of the tax amount when they play the game.

VIP Bonus in 3 Patti Bindaas 

VIP members have the extra advantage of gaining from referrals and even earning. Teen Patti Bindaas VIP members are beneficial due to:

  • Weekly bonus – Gained from a certain amount of referrals made during the past week. The more you refer, the more you gain. 
  • Progress Bonus – Can be gained if your referral earning in the present week is higher compared to last week. 
  • Monthly bonus – to redeem this, you have to log in every month to avail minimum amount.
  • Level Bonus – Can be achieved when your referrals or team recharge the amount; as per it, the reward level would be determined and later multiplied by 2.2%. 

How to Withdrawl Money from Teen Patti Bindaas?

Withdrawing money from Teen Patti Bindaas apk is easy and safe. It could be directly transferred to your bank account or UPI ID. From a minimum of ₹50, you can withdraw.

  • To make a withdrawal, on the dashboard, you would see the Icon. 
  • Enter the amount you want to Withdraw. 
  • Fill in your bank details.
  • Once you have filled details, click on withdrawal. 
  • It takes 24 hours to transfer and credit in your Payment withdrawal account. 

Is Teen Patti Bindaas Safe?

We comply with all safety rules and regulations. Teen Patti Bindaas is safe and secure for your device and credentials. But you should always be aware that there is risk involved in depositing your money and playing cash games. 

Customer Support in Teen Patti Bindaas App

Usually, we have a squad of happy customers, but in case of doubt or query or any issues related to payment, get in touch with our customer care. To solve all your questions, ping our WhatsApp number. 

 Whatsapp Number :- +919375482323, +63 9276921096

Teen Patti Bindaas APK F.A.Q

Q). Can I get a sign-up bonus if I already have an account on Teen Patti Bindaas App?

  • Yes, You can avail of the bonus if your mobile number is not conjugated. If you have already bound, you won’t be able to receive a bonus. A new number and new phone would be eligible to gain reward. 

Q). How much is the minimum denomination to be added to your Teen Patti Bindaas App?

  • The minimum denomination to be added to your account is Rs. 10 up to 1000. 

Q). How much bonus could you gain on each invite to Teen Patti Bindaas App?

  • There is no limit to earning, but you can earn Rs. 100 additional 30% commission for referral input. 

Q). How much recharge commission could you earn with Teen Patti App?

  • Recharge commission depends on your added amount; it could be from 1% to 7%.

Q). How much do I get per referral in Teen Patti Bindaas?

  • For a per share of your referral link with friends, you would earn Rs. 80 to Rs 150 and an addition of 30% on their tax amount.

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